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Running a small business is A LOT! Running a small online business can sometimes feel impossible, and finding the way to balance both usually costs a lot of money and additional staff. IDENTITY is here to help! If you are ready to be a serious online competitor, you need to build your online presence and brand…You need IDENTITY!

IDENTITY is an eCommerce website that has everything you need to run a successful online business. By streamlining your eCommerce site, you save time, money, and your sanity. Time is valuable, and we understand that. When you purchase IDENTITY, you will have ONE site where you can do it all. Gone will be the days of continuous platform bouncing, trying to list items in several different places, manage payments, shipping, and inventory. More importantly, gone will be the days of giving up percentages of your sales.

IDENTITY has the core elements you need to sell products and services online with little hassle. You do not need to be a tech or computer expert to use IDENTITY. You will be able to upload and track inventory, list products, descriptions, pictures, and options available for purchase, as well as the price. Your customers will appreciate the ease of navigating products and providing a way for a quick and easy purchase, saving time and, in turn, build greater loyalty to your brand.

FREE training is part of the package because was founded on the concept of helping business owners, like yourself, be as successful and efficient as possible! As an additional bonus, we also provide you with FREE writing assistance for up to 10 items to assist you in getting your items listed quickly and professionally. Contact support when you are ready to connect with one of our writers.

When you purchase IDENTITY, you have a StoreFront for your customers and a back-end account to receive the orders placed, calculate and ship items, and keep track of your inventory, sales, and profit.

Further, IDENTITY gives YOU a brand! It provides YOU with your very own online identity. By having your domain name, you automatically will increase your “Search Engine Optimization,” or “SEO,” and give your business the visibility it needs to gain customers and keep them coming back.

We will automatically build your eCommerce site and place it on your domain when you purchase IDENTITY and HOSTING on the same ticket. By keeping an active subscription to IDENTITY, the eCommerce website, you will automatically receive updates. Regardless, once you purchase IDENTITY, it is yours to keep as long as you maintain a Hosting package.


This version of Identity will give you updates on the eCommerce website for three months. Please remember to renew your subscription every three months to receive updates to the eCommerce platform continuously. Our developers will do the rest of the work for you!

If you are in Marketing, Printing, Graphic Design, or Apparel, you can only use this website for one of the said purposes listed. If you want to use the website for multiple purposes, you will have to purchase another website for each purpose.

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