About Us

wereReallyGood.com is a veteran owned and operated Marketing Firm supporting local small businesses. We specialize in pure hand-coded websites to help increase your companies brand awareness. There is a noticable difference between a small business owner and a nationwide chain and we intend to fill that gap by helping your company reach the community on a well crafted marketing platform. Our mission is to create a network of interpersonal relationships between your company and your clients so that no financial depression will adversely affect our local economy. We highly believe the products and services offered from the local community abundantly exceeds those found in larger corporations and we intend to capitalize on that factor.

Our Specialty

Every company has a unique feature or service that they offer. Ours is hand-coding websites using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, SaSS, Javascript, jQuery, React, AngularJS, JSON, TypeScript, MongoDB, AJAX, SQL, MariaDB, PHP, ASP, Node.js, Rasberry Pi, Python, Java, C++, C# and many more languages to help your company grow. Our library of services in which we also specialize in include a variety of other languages, databases, frameworks, IDE's, and platforms.

Design & Development of Websites

Through the use of HTML and CSS we can create a marketing platform for you on the world wide web. This platform will be accessible to you just like another employee that you hire. You can teach your website to do anything a computer can do, and anything that any software program can do, to help you manage your company and its needs. Examples include allowing employees to clock in and out, and track their hours. Showcase your work and your products to your clients. And showcase where you're located at and who you seek to help so that your clients can find you when they're searching for services from home or on the road.


After creating a platform to showcase your products and services, we can develop an infrastructure to allow your clients, sales people, vendors and employees to log in to service clients right from the internet. These platforms include the ability to list products using pictures, descriptions, attributes, skus and prices. Clients can add products to their shopping carts and pay for these products so that the work may begin. On the administrative side, you will be able to review orders, track clients and their shopping carts, set the status of current jobs to rejected, processing or completed. And much more. This database can be maintained online and it should be backed up on a regular basis.

Content Marketing

The right sales pitch is essential to convincing clients to make a purchase. We can help you develop the right structure for how information needs to be displayed and what to include or exclude to get your pages shared and sales to increase. Through the correct use of content marketing on your sales pages, branding pages, and with a blog on your website, Google search engines will capture this information and feed it to clients who are searching the web for content you can supply them with. Through pictures, text, links and videos your website will get noticed and queried more.

Display Advertising

Through display advertising we can take your companys image and paste that throughout the internet to create new funnels of traffic to view your contact without going through google as the main source. While the search engine results page may bring your company leads, its highly unlikely that your page if its brand new will be found in the first few pages of Google. Because of this, we can create a marketing strategy to take your branding across many platforms to get viewers to your page. This in turn will increase the organic SEO of your website, and increase the number of sales your company receives.


Now that you have traffic coming to your we can set up analytics to see exactly whats happening on your website. Imagine that analytics is like setting up a video camera in your store. With analytics you can see who is currently on your site, where they are located at, what products are they looking for, and much more. Demographics help you to make business decisions to help you determine who to target and what areas of your website need help. Maybe if you find a product that is not performing as well as it should, you can combine that product with another product that is more popular so that your website as a whole can overperform and exceed expectations.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the art of finding ways to increase traffic to your website organically. This includes but is not limited to keyword analysis, competitor analysis and onpage/offpage tweaking based on current trends that may be forever changing. By performing SEO correctly, we can put you into the same playing field of your top competitors, and we can also find out where your competitors are weak. By having SEO performed on your website on a regular basis, you online presence will grow dramatically because we are able to connect links where trends are occurring. Customer jargon versus vendor jargon are completely different and you need someone to monitor what to do and when do to it. Every step of marketing is unique and steps cannot be missed or hurdled over just to reach an accomplishment. Do not try to speed up the process, enjoy the creation. This is why you will stay in business.

Social Media

Once your website is functioning through all the other platforms listed above, we can now concentrate on sharing your platform on social media. Social media is not a platform for sales. Sales are to be done on your website through the use of landing pages and ecommerce. Social media is to show the world that your business has a heart. You can use social media to showcase videos, pictures and talk to your clients on a regular basis. Create relationships with your clients and when your client asks the right questions, send the client to your website so your website can take care of the rest. 

Email Marketing

Your website now should have good traffic and sales should be going well. Through email marketing we can send viable messages to your clients based on what specifically your clients are interested in. If your clients are interested in a specific product or service from your company, we can send alerts to your clients when that item or service goes on sale, or if they make a purchase of a product and there's an accompanying product or service that pairs well with that they just bought. We can send out birthday messages, thank you's, reminders, or general information to help retain clients and the traffic. If a client becomes cold and you have not heard from them in a while, an email discount can help bring them back as well. All of these services can be automated so your website performs on its own and you can concentrate on other areas of your business.

Mobile Messaging

Through mobile messaging, similarly to email marketing, you can set up messages to be sent to your clients via SMS or MMS messages. This marketing technique can be used to promote a quick buy response from the client whenever the client triggers a mobile message to be sent out. This can include messages such as, save now during this special event, or don't miss the event that's coming up, or any other communication to help retain clients and help navigate them to the appropriate tools they need to create leads and sales. Your client funnel and marketing techniques allow you to reach customers and have them continue to come back. You will be able to view how your mobile messaging marketing campaign is performing and make decisions with in depth analytics of your new collection, management and communication skills.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

With all of this traffic that is reaching your website, you are likely to start receiving reviews online. Customers can go to websites like Google or Yelp or Facebook to let other customers know how you performed when they made a purchase from you. Here, this is a great opportunity to continue your sales funnel and retain clients and find new clients. Everyone is reading reviews before making a purchase decision. In some cases, reviews can be true and some might be false. That's what we are here to help with. Maintain a high 4 or 5 star rating and use negative reviews to turn clients that are not satisfied with your services into clients that want to do business with you again. Every opportunity in the sales process is important for retargeting and conversion. Every opportunity is a chance to grow.

Affiliate Marketing

By now your company should be on its way to success. We are nearing the completion of the marketing field. Through affiliate marketing, you can now pay sales staff to help market your products and services online. This will increase your online presence because each individual affiliate will be posting on your behalf to their social networks. If one of their customers finds your product and makes a purchase using their link, your affiliate should be rewarded for the hard work that they have done. Affiliate marketing can be set up once all the other parts of your business are working because you do not want to have affiliates promoting your brand if in case maybe you have negative reviews online or if your website is not working properly and certain features are not functioning. These little trips can cause the affiliate to look bad, and it can cause a chain reaction that adversely affects the client, the affiliate and ultimately your company. All things must happen with precision in order to achieve the correct outcome. As of this point, you are doing great! Keep up the good work!

Pay Per Click (PPC)

We complete the Digital Marketing campaign with Pay Per Click (PPC) tools to help you grow your business. Pay Per Click (PPC) should be reserved as the last item on your to do list. The reason being is that now, you are paying for ads to be distributed across the world wide web. Companies fail because they do not market their companies correctly and they skip a few steps here and there, and they don't track who is their demographics and why they are receiving or not receiving the sales they are seeking to acquire. Many techniques can be used to answer these questions such as A|B testing and other analytics and analyses. Once your website is performing optimally, you can now invest into PPC and other non-digital accessories. Through Pay Per Click (PPC), we can take your message and place it on other top performing websites so their traffic creates leads to your website. Pay Per Click (PPC) can be very expensive, therefore, please retain this feature as the last objective on your to do list.